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  • Samantha Patschke

April 18, 2023 - The Power of Vulnerability

The pastor asked the congregation if anyone needed prayer. He instructed them to come to the front, if they did, and someone would be waiting to pray with them. “How embarrassing,” I thought to myself. I have been raised to be a very private person. One by one, people stood and went to the front to get the opportunity to pray with someone. As they held hand, tears were shed. Thinking about the circumstances they must be going through to be up in front needing prayer, moved me. As we sang our last worship song, I felt myself breakdown in empathy. It was as if I could feel their suffering. For a moment I prayed with them and for them in fellowship. As people returned to their seats and the pastor prepared to deliver his sermon, feelings of guilt, compassion and growth washed over me. I felt guilty for judging them. I felt compassion because we have all been there. I felt my soul grow as I realized how important the role of vulnerability is in life. Their willingness to let us be part of their story got them out of their seat. That eagerness to share, taught me a lesson about my relationship with God.

Life happens everyday and my heart hardens into a judgmental, critic. This is not a fast process, but it is a dangerous one. As my heart hardens, I move myself further a further from God. His voice becomes faint. My discernment becomes blurry.

What changed everything? Vulnerability and empathy. Showing a little piece of your heart, soul, and deep understanding even for just a second. Sharing the weight of our human existence with someone else.

Like electricity flowing through my heart, I felt my spiritual muscle come back to life. Feeling empathy take control of my tear ducts, I shed a tear at my seat, praying whole heartedly for these vulnerable strangers.

This week I want to focus of being vulnerable. I am not really sure where it will take me, but if my vulnerability can start others spiritual engines, it is worth a try.

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