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  • Samantha Patschke

Day 121 - The David in Me ---- Series 2/5

Let’s change our usual question from WHY? to WHAT FOR? Every day on this earth we are being educated. Every event and opportunity has been constructed by hand by our loving Father. A training process that allows us to come closer and closer to our purpose in Him.

If you have ever played an instrument, taken a sport seriously, or tried to learn a language, you know that there are always moments when you want to just GIVE UP. If you are currently and expert in any of these areas, it is because in that moment of grief you pushed through and stuck to it. If not, maybe you still have a gnawing feeling telling you to take it up again. Maybe just maybe, you have moved on and have found other things that you are now an expert at. David was confronted with this choice. The harp? Really? Amazingly he stuck with it. He became an amazing musician and eventually was called to play for the King. King Saul was being tormented by an evil spirit. A decision to find a harp player was made in hopes to ease King Saul’s suffering. That harp player was David. All that practice. All that time invested in something without truly understanding WHAT FOR… the purpose instantly became clear.

If we look at life through the lens of WHAT FOR, we can get a glimpse into our future. It’s a blurry and uncertain glimpse but it is just enough to get us through those days where the WHYs in life are trying to take back their control.

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