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  • Samantha Patschke

Day 120 The David in Me ---- Series 1/5

If you are like me, you find yourself looking for God in your daily life. Is he here with me making this decision? Did he see me teach last night? Did he like what I taught? Does he know how much I love Him?

When I need to remind myself where He is I always think back to the story of David.

God played a crucial role in David’s life even before he was born. Three men died leaving three women lost and struggling. Ruth and her mother-in-law, Naomi, retuned to Bethlehem, Naomi’s birthplace. Ruth, being a Moabite and an outsider in this land, had little hope of success. However, se has faith and does what she knows is right. While working in a field she meets Boaz who takes it upon himself to shoulder the responsibility of these two amazing women and marries Ruth. Years pass and Ruth becomes pregnant and eventually turns into a grandmother and eventually a great-grandmother. From this extraordinary course of events David is born. David started his life in the fields. A harp playing farmer’s boy, the 8th and youngest son, the least likely to achieve. Relieved from the pressures of being the first born, he dedicated his time to a simple life working the fields tending to sheep and practicing his harp. That is exactly where the prophet Samuel, who was searching for a king, found David. Samuel’s invitation to the sacrifice was an honor and very important to David’s family. So important that they decided to allow David to remain in the fields while the event took place. No one would miss David…right?¿? One by one David’s brothers were rejected. No, no, no, no… “Are these all the sons you have?” “There is still the youngest” “Send for him; we will not sit down until he arrives” (1Samuel16:11) When David arrived it was confirmed. This was the one, this is our future king. He was chosen and anointed. Unprepared, unworthy and unexpectant his life changed forever.

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