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  • Samantha Patschke

Day 122 -The David in Me ------ Series 3/5

As David rids Saul of his demos through his soothing music, David grows close to king Saul.

What’s next?

Right around the corner was an amazing opportunity dressed as an enemy. Goliath. David knew the damage and heartache that Goliath was bringing upon the people. The way Goliath offended God and disgraced Israel could not be tolerated. The desire in David to DO SOMETHING grew. This had to stop.

He told king Saul that he was going to be the next one to fight Goliath, a giant from Gath, a philistine champion. Saul reminds David that Goliath has been trained to fight since childhood, but David was determined, empowered by his faith in God.

King Saul dressed David in armor, a caring act coming from the King.

But that armor was not made for him… he was not used to it… it did not fit right… it was not his…

“I cannot go in these” he said to Saul. (1Samuel17:39). Returning to what he knew, - he took his staff, 5 stones from the stream, put them in his shepherd’s bag and with his sling in hand, approached the Philistine. (1Samuel17:40)

In life, we too feel this growing feeling inside us to DO SOMETHING. Ask, push through, buy it, sell it, go, find her, leave, stop… we might feel like we lack the tools to achieve what we know is ours. David reminds us that what God gives us no one can take away. We are designed and trained to be right there at that perfect moment and dressed in the armor of God we will always be victorious.

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