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  • Samantha Patschke

Day 124 -The David in Me ----------- Series 5/5

David, a man after God’s own heart. Wouldn’t you love for God to describe you that way? Samantha, a girl after God’s own heart. Just the thought brings tears to my eyes. What made David worthy of such a title?

It is important to remember that David was a sinner. Not only was David an adulterer but also a murderer. You might be thinking well at least I am not either of those… Yes. Thank God, but what made David so special that despite his flaws he was and will forever remain a positive example.

• The Lord was his rock and his fortress – When the going got tough , David knew exactly where to go.

• The Lord was his shepherd – David lived life with a beautifully teachable spirit. He relied deeply on God’s guidance in his life.

• The Lord was his light – Despite the trials throughout his life, David’s relationship with God only ever grew. He was honest and open with God. Creating a long- lasting relationship to admire.

• The Lord was his strength and his shield – David relied on God to keep him safe. He found safety in God even though at a glance it seemed like he was in imminent danger.

• The Lord was his trust – David trusted in God’s plan in his life. Giving his life over to God to do with it what He saw fit. Real trust.

Take a minute to pray. How does this speak to you in your life?

Does God make you feel safe? Do you trust Him more than you trust yourself? Are you honest with Him? Do you trust Him to protect you? Do you have a teachable spirit? Is God the guiding light in your life?

It’s time to find the David in you.

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