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  • Samantha Patschke

Day 20- Take Care of Followers.

There are people in your life designed to follow and designed to serve. Take a minute, think about who in your life falls into this description. Your dad? Your friend? Your wife? You? Society is focused on success. Living your best life. Conquering the world. Followers must give that up. Let it go knowing that a life of service is very often a lonely path. Followers are looked at as weak. Thought to be needy. Categorized as not having their own life plan. Branded as disadvantaged. Followers continue to be what they are despite the outside influence. They understand the greater good. They empathize with your pain and understand your perspective. They are always there even when you know they are making a choice to give something up to make it happen. They always have enough time. They always care. They make you feel important because you are to them. Followers are loyal and kind. They give you great advice from a place of love. They rarely disappoint. I say we change the perspective. Followers are strong, able to make decisions of self-sacrifice for the greater good. Followers are rich, rich with peace of knowing they are doing what they are called to do. Followers do have a life plan. To follow and serve. Is that not good enough? Followers are privileged to be chosen to follow. Deep in our hearts we know if we are called to lead or to follow. Both are valuable. Both are important. Take care of followers.

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