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  • Samantha Patschke

Day 221 – Genesis 1-16

Every beginning awakens a sense of hope in us. This journey to read the BIBLE in 88 days is no different. We start with Genesis chapters 1-16. This book, whose very title means “beginning”, shows a clear history of the purpose and plan of God in our lives.

We travel through creation of the universe. Understand where we come from through the lens of Adam and Eve. Watch the power of nature overcome humanity in the story of Noah. See humanity’s need to be number 1, even above God, in the story of Babel. Last, we begin the story of Abram, who without knowing it, is developing into the father of our faith.

Genesis wrestles to teach us two main ideas:

1. God Exists. We will never understand the complexity of what God created or even of what he does and at no point should we find conflict between science and creation unless the conflict is in the very existence of a creator. There would be no beginning without a maker. The universe in not the product of chance.

2. He loves us. Our creator has a profound desire to have a relationship and communion with us. Through this relationship, His perfect plan is reveled, and we can walk with Him enjoying the freedom of His yoke.

Now we move on to Genesis 17 through 28 to see what is in store for us next.

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