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  • Samantha Patschke

Day 237 - A Clear Warning

The prophet Samuel said it best,

If you choose a king you will regret,

Kings are mere humans,

Please understand,

Their hearts are hardened,

Their egos are in command.

A native of the tribe of Levi,

Saw the future clear,

Kings will take your everything,

And all they leave is fear.

In a moment of despair,

king Saul decided he didn’t care,

The witch of Endor evoked

and from the tomb he spoke,

Samuel tried and did his best

But we are reminded,

On free will it rests.

What was said, seemed absurd.

Again the leader of the heard,

Took the flock down the wrong path,

Following obediently, that psychopath.

As the blind lead the blind to this day,

And politics looks at us like prey.

Remember we were warned,

The choice was ours,

We are the ones with the superpowers.

Clearer yet, it could not be,

But at once we all forgot,

And the option chosen,

A loving God was not.

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