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  • Samantha Patschke

Day 243 – Powerful Roots

Soon after being chosen (Acts 6:5), Stephen, a man filled with God’s grace and power (Acts 6:8), preformed great wonders and signs. However, quickly opposition arose (Acts 6:9) but they could not stand up against the wisdom of the Spirit (Acts 6:10). Having to defend his position in front of the Sanhedrin, Stephen began his address at the roots!

Just like a man would say: “Since the moment I saw you…” Or a mother would say: “Since the day you were born…” Stephen knew the power of starting at the roots. He took them back to the Covenant of Abraham, walked them through the steps of Joseph, explained the miraculous birth and life of Moses, reminded them of the man after God’s own heart, David and talked about Salomon’s accomplishments. Quoting the prophets, following the timeline and respecting the heritage he took them to the truth about who Jesus Christ was. In 50 beautiful verses (Acts 7 1-50), Stephens says it all! There was nothing left to say. Sadly, ego and righteousness got in the way, and Stephen was stoned to death. In his last breath he asked God “Lord, do not hold this sin against them.” Faithful to the bitter end.

A true martyr.

To be able to die for Christ first we must live for Him.

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