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  • Samantha Patschke

Day 272 – Basic Human Rights

A student of mine recently had the opportunity to come to the USA. Despite the difficulty to get here, their arrival was a reason to celebrate. After they had been reunited with family members they had not seen in decades, after about 3 months living here, after seeing countless stores, malls, schools, landmarks, and waterparks – it was time for them to go home.

Knowing that it might be hard to leave all this behind and return to a life that had less promise I wanted to reach out to make sure they were prepared for the change. We set aside time to talk. I asked, “What will you miss most?” Naturally, I thought it would be the infrastructure, organization, safety. All the things that are very clearly missing down in Honduras.

But no – They said they would miss the hot water showers and the three meals a day. My heart broke. I work on my humility daily and I try to keep connected to how others live in the world around me, but I would have never guessed that this is what they would miss most. This is why I created Proyecto Propósito. This is why I fight for funding. This is why my passion is unending. In a life where a hot shower and 3 meals a day are not always possible, I find a heart filled with Christ - teaching me what belief is all about. Thank you to anyone who lives with less – your attitude, faith and perseverance is a lesson to the world. A lesson that we need to learn.

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