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  • Samantha Patschke

Day 29 - What if I am wrong?

I believe in prayer. Why? Because He answers. I have been asking myself lately, “But what if I am wrong?”. Through prayer I have gotten 2 solid answers to this question:

1. The first came from my pastor, mentor and friend, Pastor Tim Craven: “That which we don't understand is actually the knowledge of mystery”.

2. The second came from an excerpt from a book by Chuck Klosterman. It reads:

“When considered rationally, there is no justification for believing that anything happens to anyone upon the moment of his or her death. ---- Yet this wholly logical position discounts the overwhelming likelihood that we currently don’t know something critical about the experience of life, much less the ultimate conclusion of that experience. ---- So while it seems unrealistic to seriously consider the prospect of life after death, it seems equally naïve to assume that our contemporary understanding of this phenomenon is remotely complete. We have no idea what we don’t know or what we’ll eventually learn.”

I prayed and he answered. Through a friend, through a book… but an answer. In conclusion, the idea that I don’t know is powerful and meaningful to measure God’s purpose in my life and I am wrong. I am wrong not because I am coming to the wrong conclusions but because I am asking the wrong questions.

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