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  • Samantha Patschke

Day 321 - Rest in the Shade

Which way should I go? What should I do? We ask ourselves often. We hear the voices or our ego, of our past, of our traumas, of society, of our family and friends and the voice of God. Which is which? Who is who? What is what? “There was a man who disliked seeing his footprints and his shadow. He decided to escape from them and began to run. But as he ran along, more footprints appeared, while his shadow easily kept up with him.” (Excerpt Tao of Pooh) – If he would have decided to rest in the shade there would have been no footprints and his shadow would have disappeared. To discern God’s voice we first have to sit and rest in the shade and let the footprints of our choices and the shadow of our expectations disappear. Under the protection of God’s control we are free of having to make such difficult decisions and instead we can allow them to make themselves.

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