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  • Samantha Patschke

Day 4 – A Perfect Correction and an Incredible Lesson

I went to a New Year’s Eve party this year. I have recently made some amazing friends here in Orlando who just happen to be brothers and they invited me to their New Year’s bash. At some point during the party one of the brothers approached me and somehow, we ended up talking about the hopes and dreams he has for his son. I jokingly remarked, “Remember God is a comedian.” – He might have other plans for him (his son). His rebuttal was not only a perfect correction but an incredible lesson. He said, God is not a comedian but an architect. He carefully measures. He put tremendous effort into your unique design. He makes sure everything is perfect. He plans and is willing to re-do plans when the “construction team” gets it wrong. He is an architect. This thought has brought a lot of peace into my life in the last 2 days. Each piece of who I am and every part of my life is a plan or revised design that He has made especially for me.

This is an enormous challenge for a person of FAITH. Letting go of the plans. Plans we have created. Plans society has placed on us. Plans family has saddled us with. Plans that have been carefully designed with love and intentionality. Letting them go. But instead allowing God’s plan to develop freely in our life. God’s plan which has taken everyone into account. God’s plan which has a universal purpose. A plan of peace and fulfillment.

God a comedian? I had thought so at some point only because I was so disconnected from His purpose in my life. When I finally decided to let Him guide me, it seemed like I was living in a 1990 sitcom. I was watching from the outside, completely entertained by the ridiculous drama that was my life. As I watched my life pass by, allowing God to control my actions, it all made sense. He was an architect. A perfect lesson to learn at a New Year’s party bringing in this amazing new year full of promise and a bit of comedy 😉.

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