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  • Samantha Patschke

Day 5- A Change in Vocabulary

There are times in life where you ask WHY? I try to use the word WHY in my spiritual life as a trigger for reflection, modifying that puzzling and cruel word. Why implies what I am owed an explanation.

Over the years I have learned to switch out WHY for WHAT FOR in my vocabulary.

There are times where it is difficult. The pain of a situation can send you into a dark place where WHY is the only possible question.

But as time passes, we see the WHAT FOR come to fruition and we think back…it did have a purpose…it did have meaning.

WHAT FOR aligns us with God’s purpose in our lives. If we train ourselves to ask WHAT FOR, it eventually becomes a habit. We can get so good at it, that even when we are incessantly searching for the WHAT FOR of a situation and can’t find it, we trust it is there and that is good enough.

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