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  • Samantha Patschke

Day 71 - The answer is in Perspective

We spend a lot of time analyzing our differences. Who earns more, what size we are, how smart we are, where we live, behavior, religion, habits, cultures and so much more. Very seldom you can find someone that loves to learn from the differences and enjoys experiencing things from another perspective. Most of us look at the differences and immediately start calculating how wrong the other person is. Sadly, even God is used as an excuse to further the divide.

If we look closer at His teachings, we see that He constantly teaches us about the importance of us being different and the power of perspective.

When we read 1st and 2nd Samuel and 1st and 2nd Kings, we are clear as to what happened in the years leading up to the division of the kingdoms but that was not good enough God added the book of Chronicles to retell the story and instead of a portraying David as weak Chronicles praises David for who he was. Which is right? One has to be wrong, right?

In Corinthians 12:12-27, we are taught that our body is made up of many parts and that each part has its function and importance to the body as a whole. Does that apply when discussing politics? Does that refer to that neighbor that you have decided just can’t be right? Does that apply to that person you are determined to not talk to for 20 years?

Possibly the most powerful example of perspective is when we read the gospels, we have a story retold 4 different ways. Mark tells it first. He tells it with excitement focusing of Jesus’ actions. And then…BOOM! Later… BOOM! Mark pushes us toward movement and action. Matthew on the other hand shows us the TEACHER in Jesus. He shows us the personal connections He formed with the people He touched throughout His ministry. Themes of empathy and patience fill the pages of the gospel of Matthew. Luke on the other hand would like to begin by clarifying that he has studied the information he is about to share with you. He wants you to know it is in order from beginning to end. A focus on a responsibility to the truth and a need for order. Finally, John comes back and fills in the holes by reminding us that Jesus was human. Human like you and I. John takes time to say, YES Jesus DID, YES Jesus TEAUGHT, YES Jesus was PREPARED, but he also FELT deeply.

So was David weak? Is my neighbor, right? Was Jesus a teacher? Does my family understand? Is it more important to study? Is love the answer?

We find the answer in perspective. If we learn to change the lens through which we look at life we draw closer to Jesus. He teaches us that we choose to appreciate. We decide to accept, and perspective become the answer to everything.

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