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  • Samantha Patschke

I’m not nervous because He brought me here.

If you have ever explored a cave, you know that you have to follow the path. There are tempting tunnels leading all different directions, but you know which way to go. Sometimes they are lit with lights or glow sticks, sometimes you use a rope to guide you, sometimes someone might take you by the hand and show you the way. Either way you are confident in your direction because you have a guide. That is how I understand my life. It took me a while to understand discernment and develop a healthy prayer life but once I did the tunnel of my life was lit up. The fear of mistakes and the anxiety of making the wrong choice melted away. I now walk confidently forward.

I know that I might trip and stumble along the way, but I am being lead. I am not alone.

Today is a DAY 1 for me, of which there are many in a lifetime. I am eager to see what happens and what God has in store for me, but I am not nervous. I trust that He has brought me to this place and there is purpose in my arrival.

Father, let this school year be a year of healing, growth, and kindness. Let acceptance and understanding be the theme. Allow students to enjoy being educated without the influence of the world. Let teachers take pleasure in teaching without the pressures of expectations. Take our students and our teachers into your hands and guide them through the turbulent and rocky tunnels. Give parents the motivation to participate actively and support everyone involved. Bless the administration. Guide them toward the right decisions in You. Energize the support staff to keep our children safe. This year, like all the ones before it and the ones to come, is Yours. Take it in your loving hands and make it GREAT! Amen.

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