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July 11, 2024 – Day 45– Pass the Popcorn

In preparation for my trip down here I bought an air popper popcorn maker. Making an easy snack can be a life saver. I go the extra mile and get salted butter and melt it to put on top. Really good.

I found the machine at Target for thirty bucks. I knew it would be worth it. In the few months before moving down here, I used it a few times. I used with my eighth graders at Ridgeview. I used it for movie night. I used it for snacks for family picnics. Success.

I brought that popper down with me, carefully packed in my suitcase. I made sure to protect its fragile top cover on travel day. I have been the star of the show on a few occasions whipping out this miracle worker. I love my popcorn maker.

All that said, when I make popcorn, I portion it out. Sharing, even amongst adults, can be challenging when salty, golden popcorn is on the table. Here is some for you. Here is some for you. When doling out such a coveted treat there is always someone who blurts out, “He got more!”. Surprisingly it is not always a child.

Today I served 3 portions of popcorn for our ride home. As soon as I handed out the bags, both my children surveyed the size of each. “Mom, why does yours have more than ours?”, they piped up. “Because it is my favorite snack”. Period. Not one word was said after that. Just crunching and licking of fingers.

Moms everywhere: take as much as you want, of what you want, when you want. Everyone understands.  

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