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  • Samantha Patschke

July 9, 2024 – Day 43– It’s scary over there

When I was in the US, I had the money and time to travel as much as I wanted to. Minimum wage in the USA was enough for me to buy food, keep my kids happy, pay my bills and travel. I thought about going to Europe, it was far away. I looked up Costa Rica, a place I grew attached to. I thought about the mid-west. The pictures looked amazing. I pondered and searched. I dreamt and investigated.

When reality hit and it was time to buy that Contiki package or the Group-on deal, I would back out. I started to feel like retreating was a habit. Next time I will not back down, I thought. I bought the camping gear and the front row show tickets, but then something would happen. Staying at home seemed like a better choice.

Here in Honduras amongst the plethora of daily unwanted adventure I found my courage. Playing candle lit Monopoly when the lights are out. A nail in my tire, I got this! A scorpion in the living room, get a cup to get it and take it outside. That bravery is growing inside me, like a flower waiting to bloom.

It is hard not to question why a place that is so filled with abundance and safety can feel so scary. How can a place plagued with so many trials feel so secure? That is how I know God is real. I listen and follow; He brings me inexplicable peace in indescribable places.

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