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  • Samantha Patschke

June 17, 2024 – Day 21 – Home.

It’s a little farm. – Where? – Over in Schoeneck. Indian Run Road. – Really? – Is it a working farm? – 9 acres. It has a stream running through it. A great place to raise a family. We want to put in a pool.

Our first home.

Where are you going to stay when you get there? – In a hotel for a few weeks while they finish the work at our house. – A hotel for a few weeks, that seems like a lot. – Don’t worry, the girls will be fine.

We will make it home.

This house has so many beautiful windows! – Yes, they are hard to keep clean, but they look great. Our house was featured in the local newspaper a few weeks ago. – This is so much better than the hotel. – Yeah, but we have to share it with this other guy, he is creepy.

It will be ok; we will make it a home.

What a beautiful view, so close to the mountains, overlooking the city! – It is a little big. I have no idea where the girls are. – You’re so close to nature. – We found tarantulas the size of dinner plates by the pool. – Your pool is beautiful. – It is. We never have time to use it, but the girls enjoy it.

This will be home.

Where did you say you bought property? – It is a small village outside of the coastal city of Tela. – Really? – You guys are very fearless to make those types of decisions. – We love the area. – Is there running water? – No… the owner of the residential space is putting in a treatment plant. – Is there electricity? – Yes of course, but it does go off and on. – Are there mosquitoes? – Yes. Can’t get rid of mosquitoes in the tropics.

This might be the first place that feels like home.

So where are you guys now? – Well, we tried life in the Philippines. It is a beautiful place, but it just wasn’t home. We are back in Central America now.

We bought a place in a great neighborhood. It is just the right size. We have been there a year or two. – There are still a few boxes to unpack. – Do you like it? Have you settled in? – It is a great place. We go to the beach on the weekends.

We will call it home.

We are moving back to the states! – Really?!? – We are moving to Florida. - Really?!? – Yeah. We found a home in Orlando. Great price. Lots of amenities. 20 min from the parks. – Are you selling the beach house? – Not right now. We have to think about it. I love that house.

Our new home.

We sold our house in Orlando. It was just too big for just the two of us. – I understand. Are you looking to buy a smaller place? – We are just going to rent a place in Lakeland. – Rent a place in Lakeland? – Yeah. No HOA, no big repairs, no homeowner’s insurance, no mortgage, no taxes, no maintenance. Easy living. – Wouldn’t it make more sense to buy a place?  -  I’ve thought about it a lot. Renting seems like a worry-free option that opens our horizons to travel and living life to the fullest. – But… - Talk to you later. Kelly has a class a little later and I want to get to the farmer’s market before it gets too hot.

I am finally home.

Some people rent. Some people buy. Each one has their reasons why. A home is not defined by a mortgage or a lease. The value of your experience does not decrease.

Some of the smartest people I know. Have bought a house too big for show. Others “mistakenly” rent, Only to be confronted with bewilderment.  

Each set of priorities Sets a stage for equal opportunity anxieties. Don’t let your things define who you are. If you really want to, you could live in your car.

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