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  • Samantha Patschke

June 20, 2024 – Day 24 – Look harder.

There is a rule in Legos. Look harder. Whenever I am sure there is a piece missing, the answer is always look harder. These machines cut; perfect precision puzzles are never wrong. Every piece is in the bag every time.

This makes me think about the idea “perfectly made”. We are perfectly made. The divine Lego maker made no mistake. Every piece is in the bag.

I think about this often. How can someone so flawed be perfectly made. As my son and I put our 2024 Lego Dragon together, it dawned on me.

Sometimes my flaws feel like missing pieces. Am I incomplete? Am I defective?

When I rest my faith in a perfect creator that only makes perfect things, I know that I must look harder. Go back to the instruction book. Slow down and go step-by-step. Ask someone to look at it with fresh eyes. Every piece has its place. Everything is right there.

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