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  • Samantha Patschke

June 28, 2024 – Day 32– It’s a Slippery Slope

An essential part of a Christian’s life is belief.

Belief in the Father who created everything. Belief in the Son who was sent to Earth to lead by example. Belief in the Holy Spirit, a little piece of Himself left behind to guarantee a constant connection.

What does belief look like? According to the Oxford dictionary, a belief is acceptance that something is true, without proof. By this definition I believe in very little. Everything in my life has to be taught to me, shown to be, and proven to me.

My faith is based on belief, but belief is hard to achieve because my human nature requires proof.  How can I reconcile these conflicting characterizations? It is a slippery slope.

God is present and working in your life whether you believe it or not. By assigning Him the credit He deserves, we recognize His existence and POOF! – There is our proof.

Find belief in those impossible situations resolved. Find it in a lesson from an unexpected teacher. Find the proof in a bill paid out of nowhere. Find it in a mistake turned into a blessing. Find it in a tragedy that later fits into a perfect plan.

I would challenge you to take a moment from your search for proof and focus on a change of perspective. Look for those inexplicable blessings, attribute them to God, and let your belief grow and your faith flourish.

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