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  • Samantha Patschke

June 4, 2024 – Day 8 – A question about Discernment

How do you know it is God that is speaking to you?

You know how when you get on the phone with your mom, you are, without a doubt, sure that it is your mother. It could be the telemarketer that called last week trying to get another shot at selling you an AI vacuum cleaner. It could be your aunt Tina pretending to be your mom to get info out of you about the upcoming surprise party. It could be a stranger phishing for information to later use to steal your identity. But it isn’t. It is your mom. You know it is. You are sure of it.

In the same way I am sure it is God. I know His voice. We have developed a deep and meaningful relationship. We have invested a lot in each other. We stay connected and talk often.

I do not talk to God only at church or through a pastor’s interpretation. I talk to Him. He talks to me. Everyday. All the time. To many of you this might seem crazy. “Sam has now crossed over to the dark side.”

I want you to know belief was not easy for me. I fought every logical fiber of my being for the right to believe in God. He fought alongside me, and we won. When ignoring the logical brain, reason and rationale go out the window. You exist in a fantasy where there is a God. In fake-it-till-you-make-it fashion, I just kept the façade up until it became real. 

I will be grateful to God for the rest of my life for helping me through this process. I felt very lost. It felt like being a foreigner in a new cultural experience. I felt awkward, clumsy and out of place. His voice was there to comfort me. It was a necessary process because through it, He and I got to know each other.

Developing a spiritual life takes effort and a willingness to look at things differently. Throw out your doubts and suspend your disbelief and find the spiritual partnership that awaits you.

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