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  • Samantha Patschke

June 7, 2024 – Day 11 – What does it cost to follow God?

After a frustrating conversation pertaining to unnecessary organizational structure, I came to the question that many feel plagued with as they explore their spiritual experience. I found myself asking: what does it cost to follow God?

In my small group, God costs 1 hour a week and a commitment to host a snack once a month. In my church He costs 10% of my wealth and a weekly visit. In the Christian school my kids go to, He costs a dedicated spirit to the rules and regulations. In my bible study, He requires a visit to the fourth dimension. At a wedding, He is weighed down by unrealistic expectations. At a funeral, He is measured and valued by the number of people that show up. In my worship music, He lives in the billboard chart and in the devotionals, He is measured by the number of likes.

I am talking to you, but I am mostly talking to me.

Don’t get confused. God costs nothing.

The times I have been closest to God, there has been no one around. My feet were dirty. My wallet empty and my heart destroyed.

Does that mean that God requires us to give it all away?

That can’t be right. God requires nothing. He is there under any condition, all the time.

So, if He cost nothing and requires nothing, why do I find myself in silly conversations talking to Christian leaders about quantities, rules, expectations and limits?

I don’t know. I need to ask Him.

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