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  • Samantha Patschke

Rule of Life Day 12 – Fasting 2/12

Yesterday we finished our WORKSHOP on prayer. A – Adoration C – Confession

T – Thanksgiving

S - Supplication I want to take the next 12 days to write about the different techniques we studied. The workshop concludes with each of us making our own PRAYER schedule/commitment with the hope of deepening our relationship with God.

Fasting falls under the category of a prayer of ADORATION. We do it to put Him first. We do it to prioritize Him.

A fast, according to Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount in the book of Mattew, has to have two principal traits.

1. You’re not allowed to complain about it. We go into a fast knowing that it will be a sacrifice. Complaining about it gives our flesh the release it needs. By holding those thoughts back, it helps us develop spiritual restraint. This is a muscle we all need to grow.

2. You’re not supposed to do it for LIKES. Self-sacrifice is noble and we like to share when we are doing it. Don’t share. Let this be a silent deal between God and you. Let Him enjoy in this secret and let’s keep Him as the focus.

First, we choose a hunger. Something, in particular, that robs you of your time with God. It could be a person, a habit, or a thought. Second, we determine the length of time. Make sure to choose something reasonable. Fasting food for 5 days as a first adventure is not a good idea. When the time comes you start with a short prayer giving the reigns over to God and letting Him take control.

You follow through with your fast taking it very seriously. This is a commitment you have made to Him. If you are thinking of giving up think about how important reliability is to you. The same goes for God in your spiritual life.

Last, you pray. Thanking God for what you learned during this amazing process. Then you break you fast. Continuing life.

Every fast I have ever done whole-heartedly has resulted in changes and transformations I needed and could not find anywhere else.

If you feel like you have hit a wall, fast. If you feel like you need an answer, fast. If you feel lost, fast.

So, how is this a prayer of ADORATION? – Fasting takes God and puts Him first. Giving up your control and letting go. This is something you can only do for someone you ADORE.

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