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Rule of Life Day 13– Keep a Prayer Journal 3/12

Yesterday we finished our WORKSHOP on prayer. A – Adoration C – Confession

T – Thanksgiving

S - Supplication I want to take the next 12 days to write about the different techniques we studied. The workshop concludes with each of us making our own PRAYER schedule/commitment with the hope of deepening our relationship with God.

Over the last few years, I have kept a Prayer journal. I started it because it was hard for me to see God in everyday life. I would pray for something in passing. I would put something on the prayer request sheet at church. I would ask a friend to pray for me in one way or another. Then, I would forget. Life would move forward. Time went by. I forgot.

I am one of those people who NEVER wins anything.

I remember back to a story that happened to my mother. When she was building a house in Honduras, she was entered into a raffle an extraordinary number of times at our local hardware store. Each ticket a chance to win. She had never won anything. So, she had no intention of making this her first time, but she was entered automatically upon check out. A few weeks later we got the call. She won! She won a pale blue toilet! I could not stop laughing. She had to go pick this thing up and she was forced to take pictures with her prize. That toilet sat in our garage for years. It just so happened that a few years later a student of mine was building his first home. He was done with the foundation and the walls. He was looking for the details. A sink, the doors, and a TOILET! I had a toilet, a pale blue one. It so happened his bathroom was ocean themed, and it fit perfectly. A prayer answered. At so many points we could have forgotten that God was in control. In so many ways we could have thought this was a coincidence.

When you journal and keep track of what you are praying for and maintain a clear record of prayers answered, you can’t get lost. Sometimes I look back at mine and see a prayer has been answered without me even realizing it. It is then that I stop to think how great our God is. He has no need for recognition. A prayer answered. Period.

Though my journaling I have seen God work in mysterious ways, and although I am not trying to track God’s path it is soothing to see his footprints.

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