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  • Samantha Patschke

Rule of Life Day 14– Conversational Prayer 4/12

Yesterday we finished our WORKSHOP on prayer. A – Adoration C – Confession

T – Thanksgiving

S - Supplication I want to take the next 12 days to write about the different techniques we studied. The workshop concludes with each of us making our own PRAYER schedule/commitment with the hope of deepening our relationship with God.

When is the last time you took the time to talk to God? Is that something that seems strange to you? Do you think it is possible?

Set a date, set a time, and plan it.

Maybe a lunch at that restaurant that no one will go with you to.

Maybe to that park that is too far away. Maybe to that play that make no sense.

Maybe to that art gallery that seems to fancy.

Maybe a candlelight dinner at home.

Maybe a relaxing night in bed.

Plan it. Make it special.

Once you are ready with the plan, we have to prepare spiritually. You might be confronted with feelings of loneliness, you might feel awkward or strange, you might feel exceptionally vulnerable. Give yourself permission to feel that way. The same way we allow ourselves to grieve when we are in mourning or explore heart break after a break-up. The same way the world stops to celebrate a birth. The same way you pause on a starry night to admire God’s masterpiece. Explore how you feel. If you feel lonely, why? If you feel sad, why?

Once you settle in and get comfortable. Talk to Him. Tell Him about you day, what’s on your mind. Let Him know what is bothering or confusing you. Share what you’re grateful for. As if you are catching up with an old friend, have that conversation.

Before you leave, take a second to explore how you feel.

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