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  • Samantha Patschke

Rule of Life Day 15 – Out of the mouths of babes.

I went to a concert on Saturday. This is the first concert I have gone to since returning to the USA. Between the pandemic and everything else, I have not really enjoyed the luxuries of the USA. I decided to splurge. Hillsong was coming to Amway center, and I had decided we were going to go. I looked for tickets, seats in the 220-section seemed appropriate. 20 dollars apiece plus handling fees – total $135 dollars. I thought to myself, I can spend that. This is going to be great. We had french fries and ice cream while we waited for the concert to start. We were sitting way up high, in what my mom calls the peanut gallery. I looked over at my kids and I felt a bit ashamed that this is what I could afford. This was luxury at the moment for my family. I asked my son Alejandro: Are you comfortable? Do you like these seats? He looked back up at me with these incredibly sweet and grateful eyes and said: yes mom. How much money did you spend on these tickets? We have the best seats here. Look at those poor people all the way down there. They don’t even have a seat to sit in (as he pointed to the people standing inches from the stage).

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