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  • Samantha Patschke

Rule of Life Day 16 – A conversation of Thanksgiving.

I am above all grateful for You. Walking in life without you is terrifying and without purpose. I have clarity. I am completely focused. I am brave and bold. I march forward with confidence despite the critics because I trust and have faith in You. This incredible path has brought life back to my previously dull course.

I am grateful for my family. My deeply dedicated mother, my pure and honest father, my incredibly passionate sister, my nephew with a serving spirit I have never seen before, my son, David, a boy after Your heart, and for my son Frederick whose humor and lightheartedness fills a room.

I thank you for the life filled with experience. I have traveled and lived overseas. I have seen the good and the bad that the world offers. I have worked in small business, enormous enterprise and in non-profits. I have had employees and been one too. Each of these experiences, an opportunity from You to bring me to this point, today.

I thank you for the pain that I have suffered. Each painful event marking and shaping the person I have become. I understand and I’m grateful for the pain that is to come. The price of pain seems great, but the reward is unimaginable.

I thank you for music. Allowing me to connect to You and giving me an amazing prayer life that allows me to grow and mold to who You want me to be.

I’m grateful for my students, extended family, friends, and everyone you have given me the privilege to know. Each one of them has added to the experiences in my life. We are the salt and the light. Each of these people has spiced up my life into this appetizing recipe we call life. They light up my life and keep me focused.

Today I end my conversation of thanksgiving being grateful for this ministry you have entrusted to me. As it grows, I can slowly see the vision you have for it. A place of safety and connection for everyone that feels disconnected, lonely, and scared. I will work tirelessly and passionately every day you allow me to do so.


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