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  • Samantha Patschke

Rule of Life Day 4 – Start with a Discipline

Yesterday I taught the third class in a series we are calling, Prayers – ACTS. The class is focused on developing disciplines in your spiritual life that will keep you centered and focused on God. Many students ask, where do I start? They might feel overwhelmed by the information or oppressed by the importance of it all. They might not feel worthy or capable. They feel an itch that they are dying to scratch. But how? Start with a discipline. A morning prayer before you put your feet on the floor. A nighttime prayer before you place your head on your pillow. Maybe a prayer in the shower or a prayer at your front door before you leave your home. Maybe just 1 min…even 30 seconds. It is key that this first discipline be something that you have NO EXCUSE not to do. If you eliminate the possibility of an explanation you start to realize how trapped, you are by life. This is not something that should make you feel frustrated but instead realizing this should make you feel free. Imagine living your life with invisible handcuffs keeping you back and far from your potential. Spiritual disciplines unmask your subconscious and force you to see where God is on your list of priorities. Is He number 1? Is He number 4? Is He number 159? Choose one and try it and when you fail treat yourself with the same love, understanding and mercy with which God treats you. Keep going. Every day is a step closer.

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