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  • Samantha Patschke

Rule of Life Day 6 – My God speaks Spanish

I have a prayer schedule and disciple calendar that can feel like more of something to “get done” then something I do. I laid down to pray, last night, like I do, trying to think of something to say. My mind was blank. I went back and forth with different ideas, but I ended up hushing myself. I knew that it was all filler and no substance. I got a bit frustrated and just decided to jump right into a conversational prayer with God in Spanish. That broke me out of my rut. I told Him about my day, and how I was feeling. We talked about the upcoming move. We talked about how my children were doing. We talked about my relationship with my parents, especially with my mother. We talked about my diet and my feelings of disappointment. We discussed Proyecto Propósito and how it is growing and morphing into something beautiful. I fell asleep amidst this conversation. I was tired.

This morning I realized that my children were sleeping in their own bed! How did that happen? I asked them why they didn’t come in and sleep with me. They told me they didn’t want to interrupt my conversation.

God is in control of every detail. Last night, He soothed my heart and gave me a great night’s sleep. He even put my kids to bed. Which if you know them, you know it’s a challenge.

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