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Rule of Life Day 7 – A Date Covered in Snow Cone Juice

For the last 3 weeks we have been studying prayer in our Bible workshops on Wednesday nights. This happened a while ago, but I feel compelled to share it today.

I took my eldest son out on a date. I do this periodically to give them undivided attention. We usually spend our time talking about God and life, school and friends, feelings, and questions. It is a beautiful way to grow closer to my sons and every time I spend time with them, I learn something. On this particular day my son said in passing that he had been praying for something. This sparked my curiosity. Does my son pray on his own? Does he have his own personal relationship with God? How pretentious of me right? I thought my son only connected to God through me because he was too little to understand himself. I was so wrong.

This was our conversation:

Ø MOM: When you talk about prayer what do you mean?

Ø ALEJANDRO: I mean like talking to God mom. MOM: Well, yes, but how do you know how it is God’s voice?

Ø ALEJANDRO: Whose else voice would it be?

Ø MOM: Good point. Can you tell me what prayer is?

Ø ALEJANDRO: Prayer is a thought from God buried deep inside, you look for it, and when you find it, you open it up, and do what it says.

Prayer is a thought from God specifically for you, buried deep inside your soul. An idea you have to devote time and energy in finding and once you have found it you open it up and study it. Once understood you dedicate the time to do it. Yes! He was right. That is exactly what prayer is for me too! , I thought to myself. I looked over at him, covered in blue snow cone juice and I fell in love again. His simple thoughts and heart full of faith understood a concept at 7 years of age that I, at 36, struggle to grasp.

From that day forward I have been more focused on my children’s spiritual lives. Their walk with God has already begun. Absolutely beautiful.

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