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The freedom of letting God rule your life is the best of all the freedoms.

The freedom of letting God rule your life is the best of all the freedoms.

The freedom to be who you are, the freedom to speak your piece, the freedom to have your needs met, the freedom to bear arms, the freedom to move freely, the freedom in healthy living, the freedom provided by abundant knowledge.

None of these compare to the freedom God provides. How you ask?

That is difficult question to answer. The difference between the freedoms of the world and the freedom in faith, entirely depend on faith itself. With the freedom of speech, you are guaranteed a voice. With the freedom to bear arms you are guaranteed safety, with the freedom to be your own person you in turn enjoy your own personal version of this world cast in your identity.

The freedom God provides pushes us to love others through sacrifice. Speak the truth and only with truth. It tells us to follow instead of moving freely. It tells us that health and knowledge come from Him. It proclaims in invisible trust all our needs will be met. We are not who we are unless we are who we are in Christ. What do you get in return? Nothing. The freedom God provides guarantees nothing you can touch, sell or use. Nothing you can take on your trip. Nothing you can pawn to pay the rent. Nothing.

But deep inside the weight of the world is lifted. You feel loved. You trust in the path you are on and walk in confidence. You stop struggling and rest in knowing you have everything you need. You know you are exactly where you should be. Your purpose in life is clear. The loneliness melts away. Nothing seems impossible and you begin to live. Completely free.

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