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  • Samantha Patschke

Day 2 - Jan 2nd 2021 - Tis the Season – He’s the Reason

Day 2

In the midst of this Global pandemic God has found many ways to remind me of the seasons. Going from Honduras (tropical) to Florida (hot and dry) to Pennsylvania (Cold and snow covered) is only one reminder of season in my life. Watching my sons grow from defenseless babies to young boys with ideas and opinions of their own. Watching my nephew go off to be a Marine. Watching people suffer and prevail. Watching hurricanes destroy and people rebuild. – By observing Gods creation (everything) we come to understand that these seasons exist on every level of our reality. No matter how good or bad things seems right now we are reminded that they will not be that way forever. This should push us towards readiness and hope. God calls us to be constant through the turmoil. We should be the consistency that others are looking for. God is that stable platform. The unchanging. The place we can push off of every time. The seasons of our lives become like the heartbeat of our growth. Each season makes us stronger and closer to our purpose in Him. Next time you feel the urge to dwell on life’s difficulties remind yourself that it is only a season of training. God’s boot camp for the soul. God Bless you Carlos Patschke in this new season.

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